Technical Difficulties

As most are aware I’ve been rather lacking this year on new designs and art. This is simply due to 2 major problems that have occured in S2 of 2014. First up I lost my pc, tablet and a handful of other electronics when a surge protector failed. Since then I’ve managed to recover some of my stuff however one problem I’ve been having is with Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop… my liscenes are still tied to my old PC which is toast. I cannot get them to transfer or deactivate my old pc. So no program, no art designs… until I catch another break and can cough up enough cash to buy new liscenese… (I refuse to do the new pay-per month suscription plan they offer for the programs.)


Thanks for understanding.

I have added a few random designs in variopus section to CCA, MSV and 0083…



Happy (Late) 4th Everyone!

Couple decals packs have been added to the Gundam AGE section.

On the way in the next couple weeks will be designs for Jegan/Stark Jegan with Londo Bell and Ecoas types, Tallgeese 1/2 set, and a set for the upcoming Wing Zero MG!


If you use this artwork please give us a shout in the comments and share your finished kit pictures. We’d love to see them. As always, feel free to request!


Alright, for today we have the expansion of a new section for automotive logo’s and designs. Don’t expect much to be there. (I’ll do them as requested/ and needed)

Mazda Logo’s added.
FC RX-7 GTU, GTUs, Turbo II logo’s added.
Gundam Sentinel logo added.
Lowe’s (Seed Astray) Astray red frame logos added.

Updates 2

Sorry for the lack of routine updates. Times is scarce.

4/8/2012 Wing Zero Custom Basic Set added to the AC section.

3/13/2012 Gundam OO [Original JP logo] added to anime logo section.

3/6/2012 Invisible Knights logo set added to MSV and Game section.

3/6/2012 Red Warning Texture 3 added.

2/12/2012 Crossbone X1,X2,X3 WINDFALL Stylized set added.



Hi, welcome to the freshly started site. The purpose of this website it to offer modelers an easier option and access to designs, artwork and decals to spruce up their gunpla, models, figures and toys. The goal of this webpage/blog is to provide such materials for you, for FREE. Please take the time to look through and support the site by linking to it, sharing it with others, commenting or even making a donation to future endeavors.

The artwork and decals may not be perfect, scaled or correct but, I hope to offer you with something close enough to get you started or on your way. I hope you find what your looking for,