Technical Difficulties

As most are aware I’ve been rather lacking this year on new designs and art. This is simply due to 2 major problems that have occured in S2 of 2014. First up I lost my pc, tablet and a handful of other electronics when a surge protector failed. Since then I’ve managed to recover some of my stuff however one problem I’ve been having is with Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop… my liscenes are still tied to my old PC which is toast. I cannot get them to transfer or deactivate my old pc. So no program, no art designs… until I catch another break and can cough up enough cash to buy new liscenese… (I refuse to do the new pay-per month suscription plan they offer for the programs.)


Thanks for understanding.

I have added a few random designs in variopus section to CCA, MSV and 0083…


3 responses to “Technical Difficulties

  1. Hi rokku, I loved gundam decal design, I though I would be wonderful if you can help me to redesign my company logo?
    Please charge me with a price…contact me via my email please, looking forward !!

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