[Gundam] 0093 Char’s Counter Attack

Re-GZ (and RE-GZ Custom) Decal (Full Color and “Whiteout” Version)

Sazabi “Pla-Custom and Funaka” Whiteout Styling”

Hi-Nu Gundam decals (by: Laijerjian3)


9 responses to “[Gundam] 0093 Char’s Counter Attack

    • For some reason all I can think of is this exchange from Inherit the Wind:Drummond: Do you think a sponge thinks?Brady: If the Lord wishes a sponge to think, it thinks.Drummond: Does a man have the same privileges a sponge does?Brady: Of course.Drummond: This man wishes to be accorded the same privilege as a sponge! He wishes to think!Almost sixty years since the play opened on Broadway, and we’re still fighting the same battle.

    • They aren’t scaled for anything. Simply save the artwork and resize it to whatever you need. If your not sure if the size is right do a test print on regular paper and check it.

  1. muy util su sitio , ojala sigan ahumentando su catalogo de decals ,,,, gracias nuevamente …. sigan trabajando asi … saludos

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