[Gundam] MSV and Game Designs

Invisible Knights logo (from “Mobile Suit Gundam Senki UC0081″ PS3 game)

Fenrir Corps decal sheet (from “Mobile Suit Gundam: Zeonic Front” PS2 Game)

White Dingo Team (from “Mobile Suit Gundam: Rise From The Ashes” Dreamcast Game)

RX-78-7 Phantom Sweep Decal Set (from “Mobile Suit Gundam Senki UC0081” PS3 game)


EFF’s Slave Wraith unit insignia. (from the “Mobile Suit Gundam SideStories” [PS3] original Earth Federation Missing Link campaign)



Zeon’s Marchosias unit insignia. (from the “Mobile Suit Gundam SideStories” [PS3] original Zeon Missing Link campaign)



8 responses to “[Gundam] MSV and Game Designs

  1. Awesome work. Any idea what the units are from the Bandai decal set #17? They have Midnight Fenrir, Chimera Corps, and Rambe Ral; I’m trying to figure out the other ones? Thanks!

    • Zaku Lady as used by the Blitz Corps of southern europe
      Fairy Heart as used by the Mobile Assault Force 7th Division of southeast asia
      Red Fish as used by the Naga III Corps/Red Orca… submarine based unit in the pacific ocean
      3 Dragons as used by the Chimera Corps… Johnny Ridden
      The Kill Harpe… I don’t know. But here is the JP text if you care to translate.

      • “Vor allem, die gestellte Berge- und Camping-Ausrüstung scheint vollständig zu se0!n”Hallo.&#823i;ich würd mich lieber vorher absichern, ob auch wirklich alles dabei ist, sonst gibt es hinterher eine Böse überraschung.Gruss

  2. Hello! That White Dingo Decal sheet is awesome! Do you do printing and shipping? I would be interested in buying a White Dingo sheet at the 1/144 scale.

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