How To & Tutorials

Here I have provided a list of links to some very popular tutorials related to applying and creating gundam/mecha/modeling decals. If you know of any useful write-ups and think they should be featured, please drop me a line.

Decal Design

Decal Creation Tutorial, by Funaka (Those Gundam Guys and

Building HGUC GM Command’s Custom Inkjet Decals Video, by lhasarus 

Decal Printing 

How to Print on Inkjet Decal Paper Video (and application) by hpsllc 

Decal Application

Working With Water-Slide Decals, by Gamera Baenre (Those Gundam Guys and

Applying Dry-Transfer Decals by  Red Comet (Ghost of Zeon) 

Applying water-Slide Decals by Red Comet (Ghost of Zeon)

Gunpla Step-Up Manuel Scan provided by GG (GundamGuy/GG Infinite)

Decals by Cody Kwok (

Water-Slide Decals Tutorial and Video by Gamera Baenre ( 

How to Easily Apply Stickers Video by AirAgeMedia1 ( 

Decal Hell Tutorial Video 1: How to apply complex water-slide decals PT.1, by skymaro 1

Decal Hell Tutorial Video 2: How to apply complex water-slide decals PT.2 by skymaro 1


Other Decal Related 

Trimming Marking Seals by ZOIDIECT @ ZD-Base 


One response to “How To & Tutorials

  1. Thanks John for your loyal support. I think after a while doing so much of these things becomes second nature to writers. However, for that to happen sometimes it helps to have someone break it down which is something yo#1;82&7ure pretty good at yourself.

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