1/29/2012 HeavyArms, HeavyArms Kai and Custom decal set added to AC section.

12/30/2011 Celestial Being logo added to OO section.

12/29/2011 Gundam F91 decal sheet scheduled for midnight upload.

12/29/2011 OO Gundam desinger stylized TRANS-AM version added.

12/29/2011 OO Gundam Designer Stylized decals added.

12/28/2011 A total of 26 Gundam/Anime Series show logos added. Also the Qan[T]’s chest logo spelling error has been fixed.

12/28/2011 Gundam OO’s [Western] show logo added, thanks to a special DA Artist.

12/20/2011 O.M.N.I Texture sheet added to seed section.

12/1/2011 AOZ design added to anime show logos section.

11/20/2011 Gundam Unicorn Ver.KA/OVA set added.

11/20/2011 Evangelion Unit.01 TestType Old-Bandai Stylized decal set added.

11/20/2011 Evangelion Unit.00 Prototype and Final Old-Bandai Stylized decal set added.

11/20/2011 Evangelion Units.03/.04 Old-Bandai Stylized decal set added.

11/20/2011 SEED/ SEED Destiny MS Set 01 (Impulse,Freedom,Justice) [Nu~Wave Styling] set added.

11/20/2011 Evangelion Unit.02 Old-Bandai Stylized decal set added.

11/20/2011 Evangelion Rebuild Move (Unit00-05) Stylized Arm decal set added.

11/20/2011 Tallgeese III whiteout set added.

11/19/2011 Alto’s VF-25F reproduction decal sheet added.

11/19/2011 Strike Rouge + IWSP Cosmic Region Fix Styling set added.

11/19/2011  Seed GAT-Series Manufacturers and Generic set 01 added.

11/19/2011 Banshee [ver.KA/OVA Styling] Sheet added.

11/19/2011 Hi-Nu Gundam sheet added.

11/19/2011 GP03S Stamen production sheet added

11/19/2011 Quan[T] chest logo design added.

11/19/2011 Seed Destiny MS Set 01 Nu~Wave Styling set added.

11/19/2011 Shinning Gundam set added.

11/19/2011 Re-GZ/Re-GZ Custom decals added.

11/19/2011 Titans Test Team TR logo added.

11/19/2011 ZAFT Faith Logo added.

11/19/2011 Sazabi Pla-Custom Whiteout decals added.

11/18/2011 RX-78-7 Senki 0081 decals added.

11/19/2011 Fenrir Corps Logo added.

11/19/2011 White Dingo team decals added.

11/19/2011 Late Era UC Ver.Ka Warning decals added.

11/19/2011 AOZ/GM Type C Wagtail decals added.

11/19/2011 Char and Johnney Ridden “Whitout” decals added.