If you would like to request some custom decal designs for a mecha/figure that has yet to be posted or offered do so here, by simply commenting. You may also feel free to donate any amount of money for said designs, as well as to help me out. Donating will also improve your chances of getting your requested design made by moving you to the top of the list.

Please note:

-I will not be offering designs for scale auto and scale military model kits.

-If you donate please include your request in the donation text box.

-Please include references or pictures of what you would like done or the style you would like the decals done in, i don’t know everything (shocking :P) nor plan to spend hours just gathering pictures and references for art and the subjects details. Also include info if you can such as weapons, model number, if it belongs to a group or fictional fraction (example like Zeon, MS-06S, Char Custom…ect.)

Donation can be made via the button on the right-hand side of the page by paypal.

You may also view, or make requests at various other hobby forum’s thread that I’ve created if your a member at them, please know that I don’t always check these places routinely so if it goes without reply… sorry. Copy the following links into your address bars.


18 responses to “Requests

  1. your decals are awesome sir! can you make decals for heavy arms, epyon, sinanju, zaku shin matzunaga custom or ogre zaku? thanks

    • This post is precisely why my soul adores your soul Debbie. You truly are a superior human being who has a great purpose on this planet. You my dear, are reaching your prime as both a woman and a spirit and it is wonderful to watch you share that evolution. HUGS

  2. Can you make Decals for:
    – Gundam AGE-FX
    – Base Jabber
    – 00 Raiser 1/144
    – Strike Freedom 1/144
    – Aile Strike Gundam

  3. Love the work,

    Can you make an RX-78-5 one?
    Also the phantom sweep one from the MSV, but can you change the 7s to 5s,
    And some gray and red warning/ caution signs.


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