Services offered by this site.

-Custom decal design (free and donation only)

-Custom modeler logo design (free and donation only)

-ALPS Decal printing (temporarily on hold, pending printer repair/replacement)

Decals printing services (elsewhere)

Samuel Decals, a website that specializes in printing Gunpla decals as well as custom decal sheets. Located in Hong Kong.

ModelWerks, Mark W’s modeling site. He features services for printing and making decals. Located in The United States. 

*If you would like your services to be added to this list please drop me a message.* 


4 responses to “Services

  1. Happened across your site after a ten year hiatus from gunpla, now workin on a new custom MG. Got really excited seeing your decals, nice work! Also noticed you still had the printer tagged out. I assume nothing changed on that? Would love to toss some gold your way in exchange for some fine decal prints.

    • Correct until ALPS or another makes a printer that can be used with a modern computer or OS, I didn’t want to keep a pc around with XP just to use for decals.

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